Definition of Rain Check

What does the term "rain check" mean? What is meant by the term "rain check"?

You have likely come across the term rain check while trying to buy an item that was listed as being on sale at a store.

A “rain check” is when a store gives you the opportunity to buy an out-of-stock item at a sale price, even if the sale will be over by the time that the item arrives back in the store.

Definition of Rain CheckLet’s give you an example. A local store is selling a quilt for $69.99, which is well below its normal price of $119.99.

You make a trip to the store to buy the item, but it is no longer in stock.

The cashier may give you a "rain check", which is basically a slip of paper that will allow you to buy the item at its sale price when the item arrives back in the store.

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