Definition of Roaring 2020s

What does the term "Roaring 2020s" mean? What is meant by the term "Roaring 2020s"?

The "Roaring 2020s" is a play on the "Roaring '20s", which is the period of time during the 1920s when the United States enjoyed a period of tremendous prosperity.

Dave explains the meaning of the term Roaring 2020s.  Where does this term originate from?The Roaring '20s also marked the start of the United States' fascination with the stock market, as many people took out risky loans in order to plunge into the stock market, which was on a seemingly endless trajectory at the time.

The "Roaring 2020s" started with a surging stock market in the United States, a strong economy and extremely low interest rates.

With these perfect conditions in place, many think that the United States (and many other countries throughout the world) will enjoy a decade of tremendous prosperity.

Of course, the "Roaring '20s" led to the Great Depression, and many people think that there is far too much bullishness in this day and age as well, as that injecting continued fiscal stimulus into the US economy is like giving a drunk person more alcohol.

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