Definition of Social Distancing

What does the term "social distancing" mean? What is meant by social distancing?

In the absence of a vaccine, "social distancing" is seen as being the best way to halt or slow down the person-to-person transmission of an infectious disease.

The illustration of the newly popular term - Social Distancing.  What is the meaning of it?Many viruses are transmitted via droplets from another person - so, for instance, if somebody sneezes or coughs close to you, and you touch certain parts of your face, you can pick up their virus.

Social distancing involves reducing the proximity you are to other people, via the following methods:

1. Staying home.
2. Avoiding large gatherings.
3. Avoiding restaurants/bars.
4. Avoiding non-essential travel.
5. Opting out of social visits.
6. Maintaining a minimum distance (usually 6 feet) from others.
7. Avoiding contact with people who are noticeably ill.

By doing these things, a person can greatly, greatly reduce the chance that they pick up a virus. Viruses live by spreading to others, so by halting the transmission of a virus via social distancing, a virus can eventually be defeated.

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