Definition of Starve the Beast

What does the term "starve the beast" mean? What is the definition of the term "starve the beast"?

According to the Independent Review, the term "starve the beast" was first used in the 1980s by an unnamed Reagan staffer.

Sarah Palin, GOP Vice President candidate in 2008, has made the term a part of her vernacular as well. She was recently quoted as saying "Please, starve the beast, don't perpetuate the problem, don't fund the largesse, we need to cut taxes."

Starve the Beast - Definition - FinanceSo what does "starve the beast" mean?

"Starving the beast" is when you create or increase budget deficits by cutting taxes. Creating a deficit or adding to an existing deficit will force politicians to cut the size of government in order to get spending under control. At least, this is the theory behind "starving the beast".

Here is the basic way to "starve the beast":

1. Push through popular tax cuts (easy)
2. When the national deficit starts to swell, push through unpopular spending cuts as a necessary evil in order to bring the deficit under control (harder)

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