Definition of Voter Turnout

What does the term "voter turnout" mean? What is meant by the term "voter turnout"?

"Voter turnout" is the total number of eligible voters that turn out for an election vs the total number of eligible voters. Here is a simple formula that illustrates "voter turnout":

Voter Turnout = (Eligible Voters That Turn Out / Total # of Eligible Voters) * 100;

Definition of Voter Turnout - Elections and Finance - DictionarySo, if 5 million out of a possible 10 million voters turn out for an election, "voter turnout" would be 50%.

"Voter turnout" can vary dramatically from country to country. In some countries, voting is mandatory so voter turnout is obviously very high.

In other countries, fears of violence, disenchantment with the "system", voter fatigue and other factors may contribute to a lower "voter turnout".

"Voter turnout" for the 2008 US Presidential election, for instance, was 63%. This means that a full 37% of eligible voters chose not to cast their ballot in the election.

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