Definition of Wedge Issue

What does the term "wedge issue" mean? What is meant by the term "wedge issue" when it comes to politics?

The term "wedge issue" refers to an issue that divides voters or candidates within an individual party.

The Wedge Issue meaning defined when it comes to politics.  What is it?For instance, immigration can be quite a wedge issue within both the Republican and Democratic parties.

The Republican Party, for instance, gained a significant number of Latino voters in the 2020 Presidential election.

These voters might have extremely different views on issues such as immigration, what to do about children of "illegal immigrants", etc., compared to other members of the Republican party.

These could prove to be "wedge issues" for the Republican party, especially if their base of Latino voters continues to grow.


A "wedge issue" for the Democratic party could be something like the enforcement of non-violent crimes (such as marijuana possession), or the legalization of sports betting.

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