Davemanuel.com Q2 Hedge Fund Report To Be Released This Weekend

Over the past couple of days, I've received a number of emails asking when the Q2 Hedge Fund Report will be released.

The answer - by the end of this weekend, but it will be released in a different format.

The Q1 report, which ended up including just under 100 funds, ended up clocking in at over 200 pages (it was released in *.pdf format). In a few quarters, we will be including hundreds more funds in the report, and I don't think that anybody would be too excited about downloading a 700 page *.pdf file.

So, for the Q2 report and onwards, the information will be made available on this site. So, if you want to check the 50 most popular new buys in the microcap sector in Q2, then you will be able to use a simple dropdown menu to view this information. I think that this will be much better than having to scroll through a massive *.pdf file. It will be much more efficient for you, and it will also allow me to do things that I couldn't otherwise do in the old format.

Dave Manuel Fund Report Q2 - 2010We will be covering approximately 100 funds in this report, including most of the big ones (Paulson, SAC, Soros, etc). In addition, we will also be including institutional investors/money managers such as Goldman Sachs, Berkshire Hathaway, etc.

An example of the data that you will be able to access in the report:

-what was the most widely held stock by the 100 funds at the end of Q2?

-what were the 50 most popular nanocap holdings?

-what were the five largest holdings of Goldman Sachs at the end of Q2?

-which positions did Bill Gates and his foundation trust sell during Q2?

etc etc etc

You will have access to a tremendous amount of information, and, like everything else on this site, it will be free.

I'll have another post up on this site when the report goes live. If you are still confused as to what exactly the report will look like and the type of information that it will contain, just check back here at the end of the weekend - it's easier to explain when you are actually looking at the information.

Source: Davemanuel.com Q1 Hedge Fund Report