"Millennials" and "Generation Z" Strike Back Against "Baby Boomers"

"OK Boomer" started as a meme and has quickly permeated the mainstream culture, making appearances on late-night television shows and in New Zealand's legislature, just to name a few.

"OK Boomer" started when an unidentified man posted a video in which he railed against the younger generations, who he claims have "Peter Pan Syndrome" and never want to grow up. Many "Baby Boomers" have blasted the younger generations for decades, claiming that they aren't willing to work hard and don't understand how the real world works.

A meme that resonated with so many young people across the world is sweeping the internet - OK BOOMER - Illustration.After being lambasted yet again by another Baby Boomer, these younger generations finally decided that enough was enough.

Thus, the phrase "OK Boomer" was born as a quick and concise way for younger generations to essentially tell the Baby Boomers to be quiet.

The "millennials" and members of "Generation Z" believe strongly in things such as climate change, the preservation of the environment and greater income equality. These beliefs have inspired derision from many "Baby Boomers", and many in the younger generations simply decided that they had had enough.

Many "Baby Boomers" have not taken kindly to the "OK Boomer" meme, as some have argued that it is ageist. After getting ridiculed for decades, the younger generations find this to be quite funny.

The "OK Boomer" meme includes a number of different topics, including:

1. The idea that working your way through school is as easy today as it was 40-50 years ago.

2. The idea that younger generations are gullible when it comes to climate change.

3. The idea that any path other than college/marriage/kids/retirement is wrong.


While the "OK Boomer" meme was meant to be a humorous comeback against the "Baby Boomers", the table is being set for a more meaningful battle down the road, as younger generations look to make substantial changes when it comes to things such as the environment and income equality.