Ron Paul Wants To Audit and Then "End" The Federal Reserve

Ron Paul doesn't just want to audit the Fed - he wants to "end" it.

Ron Paul, in an interview earlier this week on CNN, railed against the Federal Reserve (aka the "Fed"), squarely putting the blame for the rapidly deteriorating economy of the United States on its shoulders.

Paul, a former doctor who is now a member of the US House of Representatives, argues that the Fed is a cancer that must be eradicated in order for the United States to return to its former glory.

Ron Paul is the main proponent of HR 1207, which is a bill that would audit the Federal Reserve. Trillions of dollars have been lent out by the Fed as a result of the global economic meltdown, yet the shadowy institution won't reveal exactly where those funds went.

Revealing this information, the Fed argues, could result in a severe breakdown of the US economy.

Ron Paul wants to first audit the Fed, and then "end" it.

Watch Paul's interview below - it's pretty hard to argue with any of his points.