Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust Purchased GS, MON and ECL in Q2

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust filed their quarterly 13F-HR earlier this week, which means that we get to take a look inside the inner workings of the trust to see what is being bought and sold.

In total, the Trust opened three new positions. They were:

Ecolab Inc. (ECL) - 2,500,000 shares, $112,275,000 total value
Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS) - 500,000 shares, $65,635,000 total value
Monsanto Company (MON) - 500,000 shares, $23,110,000 total value

In addition, the trust also "closed" one position - XTO, as the company was purchased by Exxon for around $41 billion.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust also made changes to four of their existing positions (2 additions and 2 reductions).

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust logoThe additions were:

+858,858 shares of XOM
+328,622 shares of KOF

-2,499,500 shares of BRK-A
-250,000 shares of MTB

note: the additional XOM shares are likely due to the XOM/XTO deal, as it was an all-stock deal.

note #2: the Trust did not sell one single share of BP during Q2


Bill Gates does not directly invest the money in the Trust, but he is closely involved in helping to determine the overall direction of the investments that are being made.