Americans Spend $32.6 Billion Online During 2010 Holiday Season

Earlier today, comScore reported that online holiday shopping in the United States reached $32.6 billion in 2010, which was up 12% from the year before.

According to comScore, Americans spent $32,589,000,000 in non-travel online retail spending from November 1st to December 31st. This was up from the $29,084,000,000 figure that was posted over the similar time frame in 2009.

Online Shopping on the Rise - IllustrationThe largest single day of online sales during the 2010 holiday season occurred on November 29th, which is also known as "Cyber Monday". Approximately $1.03 billion was spent on "Cyber Monday" in 2010, up from $887 million the year before.

The largest single day increase by percentage belonged to December 17th, which is also known as "Free Shipping Day". $942 million was spent on "Free Shipping Day", up from $586 million the year before, representing an increase of 61%.

The top ten online shopping days of the 2010 holiday season were:

1. November 29th (Cyber Monday), $1.028 billion
2. December 13th (Green Monday), $954 million
3. December 6th, $943 million
4. December 17th (Free Shipping Day), $942 million
5. December 16th, $930 million
6. December 14th, $913 million
7. November 30th, $911 million
8. December 8th, $901 million
9. December 9th, $898 million
10. December 7th, $880 million


Many Americans were drawn online by free shipping and other promotions this holiday season.

In the end, many Americans are quickly coming to the realization that shopping from the relative comfort of their own homes during the holiday season beats trying to navigate through extremely busy shopping malls. Many online retailers have the shopping/buying/shipping process down to an exact science, and shoppers are quickly realizing that.

Source: - U.S. Online Holiday Shopping Season Reaches Record $32.6 Billion for November-December Period, Up 12 Percent vs Year Ago