Definition of Portfolio

What is a "portfolio" as it applies to the world of investing? What is the definition of the term "portfolio"?

A "portfolio" is an assortment of different investments that an individual or company (such as a mutual fund) owns.

Definition of Portfolio - Financial Dictionary - Stock MarketFor instance - let's say that you and your significant other own an assortment of different equities, ranging from Apple to Microsoft to Dell. You also own a number of government savings bonds.

These equities and bonds make up your overall investment "portfolio".

If somebody asks you - "what are you holding in your portfolio?" - they are asking you about the entirety of your investments. For instance, you may respond "I own a couple of stocks, including Apple and Microsoft, as well as some mutual funds and a large amount of cash." These various assets, including the stocks, cash and mutual funds, make up your "portfolio".

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