There Are Now 100 Entries in Our Financial Dictionary

With the addition of "Return on Investment / ROI" to our ever-growing financial dictionary yesterday, now has 100 entries (and growing).

One day, down the road, I hope to have thousands of entries in the dictionary.

The first entry that I ever posted?

Stock Float

The most recent entry?

Return on Investment / ROI

Here are the top ten most popular dictionary entries so far, as well as the total number of views:

Tier 1 Capital Ratio, 6,411 Views
Prop Trading, 4,590 Views
Green Shoots, 4,518 Views
U-6 Unemployment Rate, 2,968 Views
Reverse Stock Split, 2,792 Views
FDIC Troubled Bank List, 1,891 Views
Market on Close Order, 1,745 Views
Gap and Trap, 1,715 Views
Fade the Gap, 1,473 Views
Labor Force Participation Rate, 1,470 Views

Thanks for continuing to read this site!