Google Needs to Stop Displaying Pagerank Data

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In my opinion, way too much emphasis is put on the page rank of a site. We own low page rank sites, such as Poker King Blog, that absolute dominate search engine rankings, and high PR sites that don't perform well in the SERP's. The thing is, the quality of the content on the low page rank site kicks ass, and the quality of content on the high page rank site is non-existent. The traffic on the PR 2 site is building by the day and it consistently acquires one-way authority links, while the high Page Rank site is sitting dormant, basically not doing anything. In my opinion, one of the sites is super high quality, and one isn't.

The problem is that potential link partners ONLY look at the page rank of the site. I guarantee you that despite the low page rank, Poker King Blog has a ton of "juice" and would prove a most beneficial link exchange partner. However, people turn up their nose at it because it has a Page Rank of 2. Either though the currently displayed page rank might be months old (Google adjusts Page Rank data daily, but only updates the Toolbar data every few months.)

Then you have the dormant site with a high page rank that people are basically begging to exchange links with. It's just not right. One site is quality, and one site isn't. Shouldn't people be wanting to exchange links with the quality site? Shouldn't I be rewarded for my unique, popular content by having sites wanting to do reciprocal link exchanges with me, instead of them wanting to exchange links with a site that is basically dead?

In my humble opinion, Google should stop releasing their toolbar data. Normally, if I see a site with tons of unique content that is updated daily, I figure that they would be a great site to exchange links with, regardless of PR. Google should want sites like these ranking high in their SERP's, regarding of what their PR is. And by extension, people should want to exchange links with a site like this, regardless of what the site's PR is. If the site is quality, it shouldn't be discriminated against due to its Page Rank, which may be months old and out of date.

By eliminating the Page Rank toolbar, I believe that Google will be taking a step towards improving the quality of its SERP's, and forcing webmasters to employ a month quality-orientated approach towards exchanging links.

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