Early Iphone Owners Are Pissed Off at Apple

hand holding an iphonePeople who bought the Iphone when it first came out are livid with Apple.

Steve Jobs, when unveiling the revamped line of Ipods that will soon be hitting the streets, announced that that the 8 gigabyte Iphone would be reduced in price from $599 to $399, and the 4 gigabyte model would be discontinued once all existing stock was sold out.

This led many pissed off buyers of the Iphone (especially those who waited in line to pay the jacked up prices) to take to the message boards and announce their displeasure with Apple. One poster said that Apple was charging them a "fanboy tax."

The funny thing to me is the reaction of these people that are actually surprised that Apple is dropping the prices.

Almost all new gadgets (especially cell phones) will be dropped in price a few months after hitting the streets. This happened with the Motorola Razr phone, this happened with the XBOX, this happened with the Playstation.

There is a reason a lot of people say "I'll wait a few months before buying." It's because you can almost always buy at a much reduced price after a couple months, once demand starts to dry up and supply starts to build up on the shelves of stores. Companies will purposely limit supply in order to increase demand of the product upon launch (and to gain themselves some great PR from people saying that the product is sold out everywhere.) To get mad at a company for dropping their prices is comical, and I can't believe the uproar over this. I really can't.

People who are pissed off about the Iphone should really be pissed off at themselves for getting sucked into the marketing and hype machine that is Apple.

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