A Little More on the Pagerank Situation

google page rank - pagerank - decreasingI have seen some people posting in the blog world about how unfair this situation with the page rank is, and how some of their innocent sites with absolutely no text link ads are being affected. How can this large-scale reduction in Page Rank, they argue, make sense if their innocent sites are losing Page Rank in the process?

The answer to that is that of course there will be some collateral damage in all of this. Think about it for a second.

Let's say that you have a well-known blog with a page rank of 7. On this blog, you were actively selling Text Link Ads spots, and now after this update, your blog is down to a Page Rank of 4.

Let's also say that you were linking to another site from this blog, a digital photography site that had no ads and was strictly a hobby site. Before this most recent update, this blog had a Page Rank of 5.

Now, after this Page Rank update, the site that was selling the text link ads was taken from a Page Rank of 7 to a Page Rank of 4, and the "innocent" site was taken from a Page Rank of 5 to a Page Rank of 3. Now how is this logical, many people are asking?

It's simple. If the "powerful" site is passing less Page Rank, then the sites that it links to will, by definition, have less Page Rank as well. So when Google recalculates Page Rank, not only do the penalized sites show as having less Page Rank, but the sites that they link to will also have less Page Rank as well. It's a butterfly effect, and literally millions of web sites were affected by the recalculation.

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