Paid The Cost to be the Boss

dave manuel and snoop both paid the costMost people out there who are involved in affiliate marketing know what I am talking about.

You tell someone what you do for a living and they look at you and say "Wow, you are so lucky to be doing that." Or, "must be nice to have been born with those talents while the rest of us have to work real jobs."

To those people I say - are you stupid?

Sure you have your ups and downs, but this is a dream occupation to be sure. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

But to say that I didn't sacrifice or work hard for this is just insulting.

Like Snoop Dogg once said: "I paid tha cost to be tha boss."

When people were out at the bars, drinking and passing out, I was at home, learning how to code PHP.

When people were out in the summer swimming, hiking and playing tennis, I was at home, slogging it out on our web sites along with my partner.

While I was working a normal job as an insurance broker, I was spending my nights learning the affiliate marketing game inside and out.

When most people were watching Friends or Seinfeld or whatever else, I was dreaming up business ideas in my head, and then researching those ideas to see if they were possible.

While most people were sleeping soundly in their beds, I was up late at night, my mind racing and my fingers flying as I programming and typed out articles.

The amount of sweat equity that has been put into our network, by both my partner and I, has been ridiculous. It continues to be ridiculous. We take maybe 2-3 full days off per year, and keep battling away at it, through all of the ups and downs.

So no, we're not "lucky." You make your own luck by working hard. Even if you have a 40 hour a week desk job, there is no reason why you can't learn this stuff at night and one day, do it full-time for a living. We weren't born with this knowledge. We had the discipline to learn it, and every penny that we make now is 100% deserved.

How many times can you get "lucky" before it isn't luck anymore?

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