Search Engine Market Share Data for November - Google Continues to Rise

marked share data for nocember 2007 - search engine reach - google - msn - yahooHitwise just released their search engine market share data for November, and to nobody's surprise, Google continue to grow its market share in the US market at the expense of their main competitors, Yahoo and Microsoft.

Google now accounts for more than 6 out of 10 total searches in the American search market. To be exact, Google had a market share of 65.1% in November, which is up from 61.84% in the same month a year ago, and up from 64.49% in October.

Yahoo was way behind in second place with a total market share of 21.21%. MSN accounted for 7.09% and accounted for 4.63% of the total overall search engine traffic. Other miscellaneous search engines accounted for the remaining 1.96% of traffic.

Most alarming for Yahoo and MSN (and most of Google's competitors for that matter) is the rate in which they are losing market share. Yahoo dipped 1.22% from last year, and Microsoft dipped 2.73%. Considering the amount of time, effort and marketing dollars that Microsoft has sunk into their search engine, you would have to consider their efforts so far a total disaster. Google is eating their lunch. Considering Microsoft's tough words for Google a few years ago, their results so far have been horrible.

Google continues to feast on their rivals. Next stop 70% market share?

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