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Did somebody say there was a recession?

Visa recently issued their own brand of "black card", which is a cheaper alternative to the well-known American Express Centurion card.

new black visa cardThe "black card" has been something of a legend for a number of years now.

Visa is looking to capitalize on this by issuing their own brand of "black card".

The card will not be made of plastic - instead, it is crafted out of carbon, which will give it an entirely unique look and feel.

The card will have the "cheap" annual fee of $495 per year. Sounds expensive, but when you compare this to the $2500 per year that American Express charges for its Centurion card, then maybe it is cheap.

The company claims that the card will only be available to 1% of American citizens.

The Benefits?

1. A 24 Hour A Day concierge service that will help you to make hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, rent cars, purchase flowers, etc.

2. Luxury Gifts.

3. Access to hundreds of VIP airport lounges throughout the world.

4. Other perks including travel insurance, interruption / trip cancellation insurance, etc.

Is this card worth the $495 in annual fees?

Who knows - is the American Express Centurion card worth the $2500 per year in annual fees?

As a justifiable expense, maybe not.

As a status symbol, absolutely. Who doesn't want to whip out a black card while they are dining at a restaurant? It's the same reason why people drive a Mercedes instead of a Toyota Camry - to get noticed.

I'll be interested to see how this new version of the "black card" does.

Click Here To Apply For a Visa Black Card!

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