Action Alerts Plus from Jim Cramer Review

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Jim Cramer really needs no introduction.

He was an ultra-successful hedge fund manager who walked away from the business after one of his best years ever.

He is a well-known media personality who hosts a wildly successful television show called "Mad Money with Jim Cramer".

He is a part-owner of, frequently penning articles for the site.

sign up for action alerts by jim cramerHe has written books, appeared on major talk shows and is frequently quoted in major media stories.

There is no middle ground with Jim Cramer. Either people really love him or really hate him.

Regardless of what you think about him, there is one thing that is for certain - it's not often that an average investor can see exactly what stocks a former hedge fund manager is trading.

This is the idea behind "Action Alerts Plus", a membership service that is offered by and Jim Cramer.

The idea behind the "Action Alerts Plus" service is simple - Cramer will tell the members (ahead of time) what stocks he is buying and selling for his own portfolio. This three million dollar portfolio is contained in a trust, with the profits being donated to charity.

The service claims that Cramer and his staff will do the requisite research for you, presumably saving you hours upon hours of work.

As soon as Cramer decides that he is going to be buying or selling a stock, he sends an email out to his members, mentioning a) the stock in question b) the price that he hopes to buy/sell at c) the reasons for doing so.

"Action Alerts Plus" is a unique opportunity to get inside the mind of a man who used to run a large and successful hedge fund. Why is he buying? Why is he selling?

"Action Alerts Plus" may or may not be for you - there is only one way to find out, and that is through the free 14 day trial.

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