Instant Credit Card Approvals Guide

In this post, I would like to answer two questions that are frequently asked by the readers of this site:

1. Which credit cards offer instant approvals?

2. How do I ensure that my application is processed immediately?

Which credit cards offer instant approvals?

There are a number of cards that offer approvals within 60 seconds. Here are some of my favorites:

1. The Discover More Card. Offers 0% APR on balance transfers for up to one year, as well as no annual fees and low variable APRs.

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2. The Discover Escape Card.

This is a great card for those who are eager to get away and travel around the world.

The Discover Escape card offers double miles on every purchase, as well as enhanced travel benefits. In addition to that, the Escape card will give you 1,000 bonus miles each month that you make a purchase on the card, for the first 25 months that you are a Discover Escape cardholder. This can result in as many as 25,000 bonus miles, which will take you a fair distance around the globe!

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3. The American Express Blue Card.

Offers a 0% APR on all purchases for up to 12 months.

In addition to that, you will enjoy the prestige of carrying an American Express credit card in your wallet or purse without having to pay an annual fee.

American Express offers "Express Approval", which will give you a decision on your application within 60 seconds.

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Now - what can a person do to ensure that their application is handled and approved immediately?

Here are a few tips:

1. Be honest with your answers. Don't lie. The more truthful that you are with your information, the faster your application will be processed.

2. Don't leave any fields empty. Credit card companies have a reason for asking every question that they do. Don't avoid answering any questions, and don't skip any fields in your application. If you do, then someone from the company will have to call you up to continue processing the application. You would like an answer right away, wouldn't you?


Best of luck with your application!

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