Refinancing Deals: Where To Find Them

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Mortgage rates are currently at historical lows, but they won't remain there for long.

This isn't an attempt to get you to breathlessly apply for a refinance loan - it's just fact.

An article published today on Yahoo! Finance indicates that mortgage rates are climbing - for instance, in the past week, mortgage rates have climbed 0.25% alone.

Now is clearly the time to think about refinancing your mortgage. With inflation a distinct possibility over the next few years, there has never been a better time to lock yourself into a lower rate.

Ok, so you know two things:

1. You wish to refinance your mortgage (or, you are curious about the type of rate that you might be eligible for).

2. You want the lowest rates possible, but you also want to refinance through a reputable company.

This is where refinancing quote aggregators come in.

They provide a valuable service in that they will take your details and then shop around for the best deal for you. You fill out your information, and then LendingTree will show you competing quotes from a number of different banks and lenders.

They receive a small fee if you decide to go ahead with the refinancing. This works out to your advantage, because they only make money if you are happy.

The other bonus of working with a quote aggregator is that they usually only deal with reputable banks and lending institutions. You don't have to worry about getting stuck with a shady company. Plus, the entire process is very transparent - you decide which company you are going to deal with.

Note: you are under NO obligation to take out a loan if you request a quote from the quote aggregator that I have linked to below.

There are many reasons that you might want to refinance. You may want to lock in a lower interest rate; you may want to extend your repayment period; you may want to switch from a fixed rate to a variable rate.

Whatever the reason might be, LendingTree is more than willing to do with any and all enquiries that come their way.

LendingTree was established in 1998 and has since facilitated more than 25 million loan requests.

Got Five Minutes? Click Here For Your Free Refinancing Quote!

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