Where To Go For the Best Mortgage Rates

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So you are ready to dive into the real estate market and purchase a new home?

You have heard that mortgage rates are at historical lows right now, but don't know where to go to obtain a competitive quote from multiple banks and lenders?

Obtaining multiple competitive mortgage quotes does not have to be difficult.

Instead of driving around and visiting banks in person, or calling banks up on the phone (even worse), you have a more attractive option.

That option is LendingTree.

LendingTree is not actually a mortgage lender - instead, they are a massive online mortgage marketplace.

What does this mean exactly?

It means that LendingTree connects borrowers (you) with banks and other lenders.

How exactly does it work? Simple.

Simply fill out the short form below:

These banks and lenders will then present you with their best quotes. The process is almost instantaneous, and LendingTree will present you with the competing quotes once the information has been processed and computed.

This will give you an idea of what a competitive quote should look like.

There is absolutely NO obligation to take out a mortgage should you request a quote. You are merely asking for a quote, and can walk away at any time.

If one of the quotes interest you, then LendingTree will let you know the next steps in the process.

Who is LendingTree exactly?

LendingTree was founded in 1996, and is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. The company has successfully facilitated literally millions of loan applications during their 13 year history. LendingTree has thousands of employees who are eager to help you along in the process of purchasing a home.

The process of receiving a number of competitive quotes is quick, simple and painless. Simply fill out the short form below to receive your quotes today!

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