Timothy Geithner Fields Questions From Digg.com Community

-- timothy geithner - treasury secretary --Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner recently agreed to participate in an interview format called the "Digg Dialogg".

"Digg Dialogg" is a partnership between the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Digg.com. Members of the Digg.com community create and vote on questions that they would like to see asked of the interview subject. The top ten most popular questions are then compiled and given to the Wall Street Journal. A representative from the WSJ (in this case, Alan Murray, deputy managing editor) then asks the questions, exactly as they have been written.

I have included the 20 minute interview below.

There are some very interesting questions, including:

1. Why has the federal reserve bank never been audited?

3. What is your position on Ron Paul's House Resolution 1207? (the Audit the Fed bill)

5. How do you feel about the revolving door between high job positions in the treasury and Goldman Sachs?

8. Are you, yourself, troubled by the massive amount of government spending? What do you think will happen to the dollar over the next 10 years?

There are also questions in the interview that pertain to some of the tax issues that Geithner has personally had over the past decade or so.

These were certainly not "softball" questions and Geithner clearly looks uncomfortable during parts of the interview.

Some of Geithner's responses are quite interesting, especially when he is specifically asked about auditing the Fed.

Here is the interview:

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