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The Wall Street Journal recently reclaimed their position as the newspaper with the largest circulation in the United States.

The Journal currently has a daily circulation of over 2 million. In addition, one million people count themselves as subscribers to

-- - wall street journal - logo - subscribe today --There are two reasons why the Wall Street Journal is so popular:

1) They are a great publication.

2) They offer compelling deals to their potential subscribers.

If you are like me, then there is a good chance that you grab your Wall Street Journal from the newsstand or the store every morning on your way to work. This is fine, but you can receive up to 80% off of your costs if you choose to have the WSJ delivered to your door.

Let's take a quick look at the three different subscription plans, all of which will offer you significant savings compared to buying at your local newsstand every morning (a total discount of up to 80%):

-- discount subscription to print wall street journal - wsj -- 1. Print Only. $2.29 per week. You will receive a Wall Street Journal every weekday with this plan, as well as the Weekend Edition of the paper. In addition, you will receive two weeks for free if you sign up for a subscription.

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-- discount subscription to print and online web version of the wall street journal --2. Print and Online. $2.99 per week. With this plan you will receive the Wall Street Journal six times per week (five daily editions and one Weekend Edition), as well as full access to Sign up for this plan and you will receive FOUR weeks for free.

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-- discount subscription to online edition of wsj - wall street journal --3. Online. $1.99 per week. You will receive unlimited access to by signing up for this plan. will also throw in two free weeks of access if you sign up for a subscription.

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If you haven't already signed up for a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, then what are you waiting for?

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