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Barron's was first published in 1921 by Dow Jones & Company. The magazine was named after Clarence W. Barron, who is considered to be "the founder of modern financial journalism".

-- Barron's Logo - Subscribtion --Barron's is owned by the same company that publishes the Wall Street Journal.

If you are reading this article, then there is a good chance that you have already decided to subscribe to Barron's.

Here is the deal that Barron's is currently offering to potential new subscribers:

$1 a Week for 26 Weeks

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Here are some of the items that you will receive with your subscription:

-real-time trading commentary

-unlimited access to digital content

-full access to and the iPad/iPhone apps

Click Here to Qualify for $26/26 Weeks Barron's Offer


Barron's is divided into four different sections. They are:

-- Barron's Magazine subscription ---The Wrap
-Mutual Funds
-Technology Week
-Market Week

If you are looking for a financial publication that tries to maintain the balance between bullishness and bearishness, then Barron's is probably your publication.

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