Google Is Looking to Hire Bond Traders

-- Google logo with a business tie below it - Now Hiring sign - Illustration --Google, in an attempt to make better use of their nearly $25 billion in cash reserves, is looking to hire a number of bond traders, according to a recent job posting on their web site.

The position will involve "executing trades for foreign government portfolios and maintaining these portfolios." In addition, the "role also involves financial model building and the construction of tools to enhance performance and portfolio construction, as well as interaction with the sell-side team, portfolio managers, portfolio management team, trading operations team, other traders and senior management."

Some of the "responsibilities" that will be included with this job opening:

-executing trades
-staying current with market trends
-enhancing quantitative models
-identifying investment opportunities

Want to take a shot at this job? Some of the requirements - "at least" 5 years of relevant experience trading government bonds, strong analytical skills and a "good sense of humor". In addition, a degree in a related field is preferred.

This development is interesting to me because:

1. Google is sitting on a massive pile of cash.

2. Google has an INCREDIBLE amount of brain power under their roof.

Given their unravelled access to information and untold amounts of collective IQ points, it should be interesting to see what kinds of models and systems Google can develop, and what kind of profits they end up generating through this new initiative.

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