Microsoft, Dollar General and Cisco Continue To Be Top Goldman Holdings

-- 13F-HR Filing by Goldman Sachs - Illustration --Goldman Sachs Group Inc filed their 13F-HR for the first quarter of 2010 earlier today.

This filing lists all of the Section 13(f) securities that Goldman Sachs Group Inc (and the various companies under its umbrella) was holding as of March 31st, 2010.

Here is the list of the companies that were included in this filing:

1. Goldman, Sachs & Co.
2. Goldman Sachs Asset Management
3. Goldman Sachs International
4. Goldman Sachs AG
5. Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing, L.P.
6. The Ayco Company, L.P.
7. Goldman Sachs Trust Company, N.A.

*in case you were wondering, The Ayco Company provides "comprehensive financial counseling and education services for corporate executives and employees as well as high-net-worth individuals and families." The Ayco Company is owned by Goldman Sachs.

In total, the Q1/2010 filing listed 10,145 positions that totaled over $210 billion.

We compared this filing to the last one (Q4/2009). Here is the information that will probably interest you the most:

Top 10 Goldman Sachs Group Inc Positions (in terms of total $) As of 03/31/2010:

STD & POORS 500 DEP RCPT (SPY), 31,420,470 shares, $3,676,194,000

ISHARES RUSSELL 2000 IDX FD (IWM), 41,148,236 shares, $2,789,953,000

MICROSOFT CORP (MSFT), 60,348,854 shares, $1,767,467,000

DOLLAR GEN CORP NEW (DG), 64,990,642 shares, $1,641,014,000

CISCO SYS INC (CSCO), 61,180,939 shares, $1,592,539,000

JOHNSON & JOHNSON (JNJ), 22,979,575 shares, $1,498,270,000

JPMORGAN CHASE & CO (JPM), 33,187,959 shares, $1,485,161,000

ORACLE CORP (ORCL), 56,951,091 shares, $1,464,212,000

APPLE COMPUTER INC (AAPL), 5,980,463 shares, $1,405,408,000

BAXTER INTL INC (BAX), 22,993,847 shares, $1,338,241,000

Ok - now let's break down this most recent quarter compared to Q4/2009.

In total, Goldman Sachs Group Inc:

-opened 321 new positions
-closed 286 existing positions
-added to 1,688 of their outstanding positions
-pared down 2,304 of their outstanding positions

*this is compared to the previous quarter

Here were Goldman's top five purchases in terms of total $ spent:

Cobalt International Energy In (CIE), CMN - 74,868,148 shares, $1,018,207,000 Total Value
Citigroup Inc. 7.5% 12/15/12 (n/a), CMN - 2,609,726 shares, $318,073,000 Total Value
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. - Clas (BRKB), CMN - 2,711,686 shares, $220,379,000 Total Value
SPDR S&P MIDCAP 400 ETF TR (MDY), CMN - 717,365 shares, $102,698,000 Total Value
UAL CORP (n/a), CNV - 100,686,000 shares, $99,327,000 Total Value

Note: CNV = Convertible

Here were Goldman's top five sales (by $):

STD & POORS MIDCAP 400 DEP RCPT (n/a, CMN) - 1,454,311 shares, $191,591,000 Total Value
CHATTEM INC (CHTT, CMN) - 1,350,318 shares, $125,985,000 Total Value
Burlington Northern Santa Fe C (BNI, Com) - 1,253,983 shares, $123,668,000 Total Value
DIAMONDS TR (n/a, CMN) - 1,017,836 shares, $105,926,000 Total Value
AMGEN INC (n/a, NOTE0.125%2/0) - 77,510,000 shares, $76,750,000 Total Value

The top five additions to existing positions by shares/units (the number on the left represents shares or units):

+55,744,000, TRANSOCEAN INC (CNV)
+33,921,000, MASSEY ENERGY CO (CNV)
+32,968,549, E*TRADE Financial Corporation (CMN)
+31,427,000, PIONEER NAT RES CO (CNV)

The top five pared down positions by shares/units:

-83,972,000, AMGEN INC (CNV)
-51,515,000, ETFC ZERO 08/31/2019 (CNV)
-49,484,000, MEDTRONIC INC (CNV)
-36,733,000, NETAPP INC (CNV)
-35,563,000, MEDTRONIC INC (CNV)

Now, here are the top five additions in terms of % change from last quarter:


Lastly, here are the top five pared down positions in terms of % change from the last quarter:

-100%, Hyatt Hotels Corp (H, CMN)
-99%, R (CNV)
-99%, DST SYSTEMS INC 4.125% 08/15/2023 (CNV)

Note: These percentage numbers are rounded, which is why some positions are listed at 100%. Goldman Sachs still holds (very small) positions in the three securities listed above at 100%.

Note #2: A "sell" could also include a stock that has been taken over and no longer trades, etc. For instance, Burlington Northern Sante Fe is listed as a sale, but it was actually purchased by Berkshire Hathaway. Most sales are actual sales, but there are some exceptions (like in the case of Burlington Northern Sante Fe.

Source: Goldman Sachs Group Inc 13F-HR for Q1/2010

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