Buying a Kindle in the United Kingdom

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Earlier this week, Amazon announced that they will be selling the two newest versions of their Kindle devices (Kindle Wi-Fi only and Kindle 3) direct from the UK for the first time ever.

If you live in the UK and have purchased a previous version of the Kindle device, then you are very well aware that you actually had to purchase from The device would then have to make its way over from the United States, through customs and to your doorstep.

Well, those days are over, as will now be shipping the devices direct to your doorstep.

Woman reading a Kindle 3 at the beach - Amazon Kindle logo

The prices?

The Kindle 3 (with 3G) will cost £149, while the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi only version will sell for £109. Both of these prices include VAT.

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Amazon Kindle in gray and whiteIn addition to shipping directly from the United Kingdom, Amazon also announced that the United Kingdom will be getting its own dedicated eBook store at the end of August.


The new Kindles will begin shipping near the end of August - I would suggest purchasing your Kindle now though, as Amazon has already announced that the first shipment has sold out.

Why buy the new Kindle?

For starters, the new Kindle is substantially "easier to use" than previous editions of the device. It is lighter, smaller and easier to read. Previous editions of the device would kind of hard to hold in one hand while reclining in your favorite easy chair or hammock, but this version of the device does the trick.

As mentioned, the Kindle 3 is much easier to read as well.


The Kindle is finally available for sale in the United Kingdom - click here to buy yours today!

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