Review of Forbes' The Prudent Speculator Newsletter

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"The Prudent Speculator" is one of those newsletter where the results just speak for themselves.

"The Prudent Speculator", which was started by Al Frank back in 1977, is one of the most successful investing newsletters of the past 50 years.

Don't believe me? As of 2009, "The Prudent Speculator" was named by Hulbert Financial Digest (which is independent of Forbes and "The Prudent Speculator") as having the best Total Return Performance of the past 15, 20 and 25 years. That's a pretty impressive accomplishment.

The Prudent Speculator - by Forbes - Logo

Al Frank started "The Prudent Speculator" with the mindset of finding the market's ignored treasures. Frank sought out stocks that were trading for low multiples of earnings, sales and book values, and that also had a decent amount of cash on their balance sheet. That is a "Prudent Speculator" stock.

John Buckingham took over as manager of "The Prudent Speculator" portfolios back in 1990. Buckingham learned everything that he knows from his mentor and late partner, Al Frank, and applies this knowledge to the current version of "The Prudent Speculator". Buckingham also manages the Al Frank mutual fund which currently has assets of over $75 million.

Steve Forbes about the Prudent Speculator

So, what exactly do you get with your annual subscription to "The Prudent Speculator"?

Subscribers receive:

-a Stock of the Month report from John Buckingham
-market commentary emails (sent weekly)
-a list of all of the Currently Recommended Stocks
-a list of "Stocks to Watch", which are stocks that are near their buy and sell targets
-three model portfolios
-compete access to a subscriber-only website


What does the newsletter cost?

"The Prudent Speculator" normally costs $295 for a year, but if you click through this link then you will save 34%, or $100. The annual subscription price is just $195, which works out less than 54 cents per day.

In addition to receiving everything that was outlined above, you will also receive the "Buckingham Portfolio" immediately after signing up. The "Buckingham Portfolio" provides you with the newest recommendations, as well as targets and buy prices.

If you start receiving the newsletter and aren't happy with it, simply cancel at any time and you will receive a refund on the balance of your subscription.


That's it! For less than 60 cents per day, you really can't go wrong. And, if you don't like the newsletter, simply cancel and you will receive a refund on the reminder of your subscription.

Click Here To Receive 34% Off Of Your "Prudent Speculator" Subscription!

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