26 States Recorded Unemployment Rate Increases in August

Bureau of Labor Statistics logoAccording to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), 26 states (and the District of Columbia) reported increases to their unemployment rates in August. 12 states reported rate decreases, while the remaining 12 states were unchanged.

The national unemployment rate remains stuck at 9.1%. It has maintained a very tight range so far in 2011, hitting a yearly low of 8.8% in March and a yearly high of 9.2% in June.

Illinois and Pennsylvania reported the largest unemployment rate increases in August (+0.4%). North Carolina (+0.3%), Maryland (+0.2%), North Dakota (+0.2%) and Virginia (+0.2%) all posted significant increases as well.

Let's take a look at the top and bottom five state unemployment rates in August (including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia):

Puerto Rico with a rate of 16.0%
Nevada with a rate of 13.4%
California with a rate of 12.1%
Michigan with a rate of 11.2%
District of Columbia with a rate of 11.1%


Now, the five states with the lowest unemployment rates as of August 2011:

North Dakota with a rate of 3.5%
Nebraska with a rate of 4.2%
South Dakota with a rate of 4.7%
New Hampshire with a rate of 5.3%
Oklahoma with a rate of 5.6%

Source: Historical State Unemployment Numbers

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