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The Kindle Fire is Amazon's (cheaper) answer to the iPad.

The Kindle Fire, which begins shipping November 15th (pre-orders available immediately), is going to fill the gap between devices such as the iTouch and the higher-end iPads from Apple.

The Kindle Fire, which sells at $199, has a 7-inch color touchscreen and weighs a little over 14 ounces. The Fire has a dual-core processor that provides for powerful performance.

The Fire basically balances the best features of the iPad while offering the affordability of cheaper tablet devices.

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The Fire, which is built on the Android (Google) operating system, will allow its users to do the following things (just to name a few):

-browse the Internet (via Amazon Silk)

-stream music, video and movies

-access Amazon's growing collection of streaming movies (Amazon Prime members will have access to thousands of movies via the Fire)

-read e-books

-purchase e-books, magazines and newspapers through Amazon

-run Amazon approved Android applications (such as Angry Birds)

The Kindle Fire will also include access to Amazon's free cloud-based storage system.

If you don't want to shell out the $500 necessary to buy an iPad, then the Kindle Fire might be for you. The Fire is expected to be unbelievably popular, as Amazon has already stated that they are planning on manufacturing "many millions" of them.

If you are looking for a low-cost alternative to the iPad, then Amazon has just released the perfect product for you.

Simply click the link below and you will be taken to Amazon's site where you can easily complete your Kindle Fire purchase.

Reviews for the Kindle Fire have been great - order yours today!

Click Here To Buy a Kindle Fire

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