Many Americans Lashing Out Against High Gasoline Prices

Car at the Gas Station - IllustrationAccording to a Reuters/Ipsos poll that was released on Tuesday afternoon, 68% of Americans said that they disapprove of the way that President Barack Obama is handling high gasoline prices.

According to the poll, Republicans (89%), Democrats (52%) and independents (73%) all disapprove of the way that Barack Obama is handling high gasoline prices.

Gasoline prices across the nation continue to rise, and this trend is expected to continue straight into the summer.

According to, the average cost of a gallon of regular gasoline in the United States is $3.884. This is up dramatically from the $3.24/gallon that the average American was paying at the start of the year.

Gas prices are already well above $4/gallon in a number of major cities across the country, with Chicago residents paying $4.56 per gallon on average and San Francisco residents paying around $4.40.

Many Americans are already being forced to make lifestyle changes in order to cope with rising gas prices, and the scary thing is that we haven't even hit the late spring / summer months yet.


The people that were surveyed by Reuters/Ipsos largely blamed greedy oil companies for higher energy prices, while a smaller number (26%) said that the blame should be equally shared by oil companies, politicians, foreign countries that have a stranglehold on oil reserves and environmentalists.


So, in short, most Americans don't blame President Obama for the spike on gasoline prices, but they are also saying that he isn't doing enough to deal with the problem.

Source: - Americans Angry With Obama Over Gas Prices

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