Apple Sold Over 35 Million iPhones in Second Quarter

Imac, Ipad and Ipod - IllustrationAre sales of the iPhone slowing down, as some analysts have warned in recent weeks and months?

Doesn’t look like it.

Apple released their Q2/2012 earnings figures earlier today, and, as expected, the company sold a ridiculous number of iPhones, iPads, Macs and iPods in their most recent quarter.

How many exactly?

Here’s a breakdown:

35.1 million iPhones
11.8 million iPads
4.0 million Macs
7.7 million iPods

These numbers are down slightly from Q1/2012 (which included the holiday season), but investors seem to overjoyed with the results nonetheless, as Apple is currently up over $40 (about 7.5%) in afterhours trading.


In their second quarter, Apple posted earnings per share of $12.30 (expectations were for $10.04/share) on revenues of $39.2 billion (expectations of $36.8 billion).

Apple now has a staggeringly high cash pile of $110 billion - the company announced earlier this month that they would soon start paying out a dividend to shareholders of $2.65 per quarter.


Apple’s blowout quarter has many investors talking about a trillion dollar market capitalization for the company once again.

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