Mitt Romney Leads Amongst Likely, Registered Voters

Romney vs. Obama - October 17th, 2012According to (link below), Mitt Romney currently enjoys a six point lead (51% to 45%) over President Barack Obama amongst likely voters and a two point lead amongst registered voters (48% to 46%). These numbers are based on a 7-day rolling average that spanned the time between October 10th and October 16th (the day of the second Presidential debate).

Thanks to a strong performance in the first Presidential debate (October 3rd), Mitt Romney was able to swing a number of Undecideds over to his side. Romney was seen by many as polished and aggressive during the first debate, while President Obama was seen as being meek and passive. Romney notched a historical victory in the first debate that completely changed the complexion of this election cycle's battle for the White House.

The Vice Presidential debate between Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden didn't produce a clear winner, which put even more pressure on President Obama to turn in a much stronger performance during the second Presidential debate that took place last night.

The President was anything but passive during last night's debate, but Mitt Romney stood his ground as well. The result was a spirited affair that produced a number of fiery exchanges. There was no clear winner this time - a CNN/ORC poll gave President Obama the edge, but the second debate certainly didn't produce the shift in momentum that the first did.

The third Presidential debate, which will be entirely focused on foreign policy, will take place on October 22nd. The event, which will be hosted by Bob Schieffer, will take place at Lynn University in Florida. This will be the last chance for Mitt Romney and President Obama to square off directly against each other before voters head to the polls on November 6th.


A few other points of interest from Gallup's most recent polls:

-Mitt Romney leads Obama by two points amongst registered voters

-Obama currently has an approval rating of 49% and a disapproval rating of 45%

-President Obama currently trails Romney by 22 points amongst the "Non-Hispanic white" population

-President Obama maintains an 18 point lead in the Under 30 years age group, while Romney leads in the 30 to 49 years group (+10 points) and the 65 years & older group (+12 points). Romney and Obama are currently tied amongst voters between the ages of 50 and 64

-postgraduates favor Obama by 14 points, while those with just college degrees favor Romney by 22 points

-Obama leads Romney by at least 4 points in the East, Midwest and West, but trails by 22 points in the South. Obama and McCain tied in the South in the 2008 election



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