Romney Campaign and RNC Gearing Up For Frenzied Finish

Romney - 2012 Campaign LogoEarlier today, Andrea Saul ("Romney for President" Press Secretary) posted this on her Twitter account (@andreamsaul):

"BOOM: In first half of October alone, @MittRomney effort raised $111.8 million. #RomneyRyan2012"

Saul's Tweet was accompanied by a press release (link below) that stated that the "Romney Victory Effort" had raised $111.8 million between October 1st and October 17th.

According to the press release, the Romney campaign, RNC and state party participants currently have approximately $169 million cash on hand.


The Romney campaign and RNC raised $170.4 million in September, which was their biggest fundraising month to date. The Obama campaign and DNC, on the other hand, managed to raise $181 million.


Some other points of interest from the Romney Victory Effort's fundraising efforts in October:

-the Romney campaign raised $12 million in the 48 hours following the first Presidential debate

-91.72% of all donations received by the Romney Victory Effort between October 1st and October 17th were $250 or less

-$38,172,228 of the $111,800,000 raised in the first 17 days of October by the Romney Victory Effort was from donations of $250 or less

-794,958 donations were received that were under $250 between October 1st and October 17th


All told, an incredible amount of money is going to pour into the Romney and Obama campaigns in October - the final October number will very likely top $400 million for the two campaigns combined.

Source: - Romney Victory Effort Raises Over $111.8 Million From Oct. 1 to Oct. 17

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