Barack Obama Defeats Mitt Romney

Barack Obama - 2012 - VictoryPresident Barack Obama defeated Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney earlier tonight to earn another four years in the White House.

As it stands right now, Barack Obama has 303 electoral votes, while Mitt Romney has 206. Once Ohio (a key battleground state) was given to Obama, the major TV networks declared that President Obama had won the election.

Florida, which was such a crucial state in the 2000 Presidential election, still hasn't been decided as of yet. As of this late hour, 50% of Florida's votes have gone to President Obama, while 49% have gone to Mitt Romney. The fate of Florida no longer matters, however, as President Obama will still win without Florida.

As of this second, the popular vote looks like this:

Barack Obama - 54,171,659 votes
Mitt Romney - 53,367,097 votes

Mitt Romney led the popular vote for a great deal of the evening before relinquishing his lead in the later hours.

In other news, the Democrats held the Senate while the Republicans held the House of Representatives.


In exit polls, voters revealed that the economy remains their top concern.

The national unemployment rate is close to 8%, the country has posted a number of trillion dollar deficits in a row and the national debt is well over $16 trillion.

On top of all of that, the "fiscal cliff" looms large and threatens to send the economy back into a recession. Will the Democrats and Republicans be able to fashion a deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff" after a vicious and mean election battle?

One thing is for certain - the next four years are likely to be every bit as bitter and contentious as the last four.

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