Average of $161,000 In Annual Net Income Needed to Achieve Happiness

Stack of Dollars - IllustrationA recent report from Skandia International's Wealth Sentiment Monitor has pegged $161,000 (USD) as the average amount of annual net income that people say that they would need to make themselves "really happy".

Skandia International surveyed people from 13 different countries (the United States wasn't included in the survey).

The country that required the highest amount of annual net income to feel "happy" was Dubai ($276,150), while the country with the most modest needs was Germany ($85,781).

Here is the question that was posed:

"How much personal annual net income would you need to earn for you to be really happy?"

Here is the breakdown by country:

Dubai - $276,150
Singapore - $227,553
Hong Kong - $197,702
Mexico - $185,169
Italy - $175,825
OVERALL - $161,810
Peru - $157,495
Brazil - $143,650
Columbia - $141,776
UK - $133,010
Chile - $128,679
France - $114,344
Austria - $104,477
Germany - $85,781

It's interesting to note that the bottom three countries are all part of the European Union.


The report also asked how much wealth people would have to have in order to feel "wealthy". The average number was $1.8 million, with people from Singapore ($2.91 million) and Dubai ($2.5 million) leading the way.

Source: CNBC.com - The Perfect Income for Happiness? It's $161,000

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