Hillary Clinton Would Receive 65% of Democratic Votes, According to Poll

Hilary Clinton 2016According to a poll that was recently conducted by Quinnipiac University, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a massive lead over other potential candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination, should she decide to run.

If Hillary Clinton decides not to run, the poll reveals, current Vice President Joe Biden would be the clear front-runner for the nomination.

According to the poll, Hillary Clinton would have a 50 point plus edge over Vice President Biden if the Democratic primary were being held today. Let's look at the numbers:

Clinton, 65%
Biden, 13%
Cuomo, 4%
Patrick, 1%
Warner, 1%
O'Malley, 1%

According to the poll, Clinton is supported by both men (66%) and women (65%).

Now, if Hillary Clinton decides not to run in 2016, the numbers look like this:

Biden, 45%
Cuomo, 15%
Patrick, 6%
Warner, 2%
O'Malley, 3%

50% of the Democratic and Democratic leaning men that were polled said that they would support Biden if Hillary Clinton was not running, while 41% of women said that they would support Biden.


Hillary Clinton, who recently gave up her position as Secretary of State, has not given any indication as of yet as to whether or not she will run for President in 2016.

Clinton ran for President in 2008 but was eventually chased down and caught by the juggernaut that was Barack Obama.

Source: Quinnpiac.Edu - Hillary Clinton Owns 2016 Dem Nomination, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Support for Immigration Reform Drops (*.pdf)

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