President Obama Currently Has 45% Approval Rating

President Obama - PhotoLet's start this off with a statement that most Americans, Republican, Democrat or Independent, can likely agree on - the Obama Administration has not has a good run over the past couple of months.

It seems as though the Obama Administration is getting hit by scandal after scandal, from Benghazi to the IRS allegedly targeting conservative organizations to the NSA (National Security Agency) spying controversy that was revealed by Edward Snowden. The most recent addition to the NSA/Snowden story? According to recently leaked documents, US intelligence services are actively spying on numerous American allies, including European Union embassies and offices.

President Obama, who defeated Republican candidate Mitt Romney on November 6th, 2012 to win a second term, has taken it on the chin from the public in recent months due to all of the negative stories that have surfaced.

According to, President Obama had a 56% approval rating in mid-December, while just 37% of those surveyed at the time disapproved of the job that he was doing. These numbers were not a big surprise given that President Obama had just cruised to a re-election victory.

Fast forward to late June and things are definitely not looking as rosy for the President.

According to Gallup, President Obama's approval rating has dropped 11 points since December. Here are the current numbers:

President Obama Approval Rating - 45%
President Obama Disapproval Rating - 47%

So, in the past six months or so, roughly 10% of the US population has switched from the "approval" to "disapproval" camp when it comes to President Obama.

This is not exactly the start that the Obama Administration envisioned when they began their second term in January..

Source: - Obama Job Approval

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