AAA Anticipates Another 1,000 Days of High Gasoline Prices

Gas Price $3 Plus - IllustrationAccording to AAA, Tuesday will mark the 1,000th straight day in which retail gasoline prices have topped the $3/gallon mark in the United States.

The current streak began on December 23rd, 2010, and gasoline prices haven't dipped under the $3.00 level ever since. Given that average gasoline prices are currently sitting at over $3.50/gallon, it's safe to say that we will hit the 1,000 day mark on Tuesday.


Will gasoline prices drop below $3/gallon anytime soon?

According to AAA, don't hold your breath.

The group is calling for another 1,000 days of $3+/gallon gasoline prices, barring another "major recession" taking place in the nation.

According to AAA, gasoline prices of less than $3/gallon may be a thing of the past, or "automotive history", as the group calls it.

Source: - A Thousand Days of Gas Above $3 a Gallon: AAA

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