Maria Bartiromo Jumping To FBN and Fox News Channel

CNBC and Fox Broadcasting - LogosIt was revealed earlier this week that long-time CNBC personality Maria Bartiromo will soon be leaving for Fox.

Maria Bartiromo, affectionately known as the "Money Honey", spent 20 years of her life at CNBC. Her celebrity soared during the "dot-com boom" of the late 1990s, as many Americans, gripped by stock market fever, tuned in to CNBC to listen to Bartiromo and others report on the gyrations of the "dot-com" stocks that so many were heavily invested in.

In addition, who can forget Bartiromo, covered in soot, reporting live from the New York Stock Exchange during the 9/11 attacks.


While CNBC has certainly declined in popularity over the past decade or so, Bartiromo has managed to maintain a high profile, which she parlayed that into a presumably lucrative deal with Fox. According to reports, Bartiromo will be appearing on both the Fox Business Network and the Fox News Channel.

Bartiromo's deal with CNBC reportedly runs out on November 24th, 2013, and she will be making her final appearance on the network this Friday. It's not known as when the 46 year-old Bartiromo will be making her first appearance on FBN or the Fox News Channel, or even what her exact role with Fox will be. Presumably, Bartiromo will have her own show on FBN and make frequent appearances on the Fox News Channel.


According to reports, Kelly Evans and Becky Quick have been slotted in to temporarily take over Bartiromo's duties on "Closing Bell" and "On the Money" until a permanent replacement can be named.

Source: The Daily Beast - 'Money Honey' Maria Bartiromo Crosses Enemy Lines, Flees CNBC For Fox

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