Super Bowl Has Major Impact on US Economy

Superbowl 2014 in Dollars - IllustrationEarlier today, the Seattle Seahawks destroyed the Denver Broncos 43-8 to win Super Bowl XLVIII.

There were many story lines running throughout this game, but seeing as this is a blog that focuses on money, I thought that I would look at some of the more interesting financial figures that are directly related to the Super Bowl.


$4 million - the reported cost of one thirty second Super Bowl commercial this year

198 - the total number of countries who received the Super Bowl broadcast

115 million - the estimated number of people in the United States who caught at least some of the game

$68.27 - the average amount of money spent per viewer on the Super Bowl (pizza, wings, beer, etc)

$1 million - the bonus that Denver coached reportedly missed out on for not winning the Super Bowl

$526,217 - the amount of base salary that Seattle QB Russell Wilson made this year

$18,000,000 - the amount of salary that Denver QB Peyton Manning made this year

$100 million - the estimated value of Russell Wilson's next NFL contract

$1.161 Billion - the estimated value of the Denver franchise prior to this season

$1.081 Billion - the estimated value of the Seattle Seahawks franchise prior to this season

5-10% - the expected increase in the value of the Seahawks' franchise following their first Super Bowl win

$194 million - the amount paid for the Seattle franchise in 1997 by Paul Allen

$270 million - the estimated annual revenues for the Seattle Seahawks

$3 billion - the annual amount that Fox/NBC/CBS will collectively pay to broadcast the NFL starting next season

$500,000 - the rumored amount of money that Marshawn Lynch receives from licensing out the "Beastmode" trademark every year (this money is donated to charity)

$70 million - the reported cost of hosting this year's Super Bowl

$600 million - the expected economic impact of the Super Bowl on New York and New Jersey (this figure has been disputed by a number of economists)

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