Warren Buffett Releases His Annual Letter to Shareholders

Berkshire Hathaway 2013 Annual Report - LogoEarlier today, Berkshire Hathaway released its Q4 and annual reports for 2013. Included in the annual report was Warren Buffett's letter to shareholders, which is a must-read document for anybody who wishes to better themselves as an investor.

In the letter, Warren Buffett talked about some of the company's holdings, but he also spoke a bit about the current state of the US economy.

Buffett stated that a "bet on ever-rising US prosperity" is "very close to a sure thing" and that the "dynamism embedded in our market economy will continue to work its magic". Buffett also said that "America’s best days lie ahead."

According to Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway will continue to look to make major acquisitions, as the "mother lode of opportunity resides in America." Berkshire Hathaway currently owns and runs more than 80 different businesses, plus they have a substantial stock portfolio that includes positions in the likes of IBM and American Express.

Berkshire Hathaway made two major investments in recent months - a $5.6 billion purchase of NV Energy, as well as a $12.25 billion investment in H.J. Heinz Co.

What will Berkshire Hathaway invest in next? Warren Buffett is anxious to deploy some more of the company’s capital, but only if the opportunity (and price) is right.

Source: Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Annual Report (*.pdf)

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