Can the Markets Continue Their Surge in April?

Stock Market Growth - IllustrationAnother day, another all-time high for a major North American market index, as the S+P 500 closed up 0.70% to finish at yet another all-time high. The DJIA is just 50 points behind an all-time high, while the NASDAQ continues to march towards the high that it set back in the "dot-com boom" days of early 2000.

It seems as though nothing can take the spring of the market's step these days. The markets have brushed off the Russian/Ukraine conflict as well as the nation's battle with a persistently high unemployment rate and worries over debts and deficits. The markets seem to want higher and higher regardless of what takes place throughout the world.

Some are ringing the alarm bell but those warnings aren't registering as of yet.


Historically speaking, April should not be the month in which the markets come off of the rails, as it is typically one of the strongest months of the year for the markets.

Let's look at the numbers:

Note: the NYSE data starts from 1929

DJIA average return in April: 1.45%
NASDAQ average return in April: 1.45%
S&P 500 average return in April: 1.5%


The next earnings season gets underway in less than a week, so this will obviously have a big impact on the markets going forward.

Do you see the markets tumbling any time soon, or will they continue their seemingly continuous upwards march?

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