Immigration Currently a Bigger Concern Than Economy

United States Citizenship and Immigration - Seal and Flag - ConceptAccording to, 17% of Americans now believe that immigration is the country's most important problem. This is up precipitously from 5% in June and 3% in January.

The issues of immigration and immigration reform and amnesty have surged into the forefront in recent months thanks to the influx of over 55,000 children from Central and South America since October. According to reports, people in Central American countries such as Guatemala and El Salvador are being told that unaccompanied children that illegally cross the United States border will be granted asylum. This has led to a massive influx in the amount of children from those countries who have illegally crossed the border and the flow is not expected to slow anytime soon.

What should be done about the situation? Should the children be flown back to their countries of origin, as Senator John McCain has suggested? What should be done? How can an already taxed country and immigration system deal with this situation? The Republicans and Democrats are at odds over this situation and it will almost certainly be the hot button topic in the upcoming midterm elections.

Emotions are boiling over as evidenced by the various rallies that are taking place across the country.


As mentioned, 17% of Americans believe that immigration/illegal aliens is currently the country's most pressing issue, even ahead of dissatisfaction with government (16%), the economy (15%) and unemployment/jobs (14%).

President Obama recently requested $3.7 billion in emergency spending that would help to deal with the situation at the southern border, with $1.8 billion going to the Department of Health and Human Services and another $1.1 billion going towards the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. To show how divisive the issue is, 53% of Americans reportedly support the bill, while the remainder either oppose it or want substantial changes.


The issue of immigration and illegal aliens will almost certainly be the nation's most pressing issue for the foreseeable future.

Source: - One in Six Say Immigration Most Important U.S. Problem

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