Jeb Bush, Scott Walker Garnering Most Widespread Support

The United States Presidential Elections - Capitol Hill - American Colours - Drawing / Illustration - ConceptAccording to a trio of new polls from NBC News/Marist, there is currently a log jam forming in three early nominating states - Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina - when it comes to the Republican race for the Presidential nomination.

A few things become clear when you look at the results of these three polls:

-former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker enjoy the most widespread support

-there is no clear leader in the race for the Republican nomination in 2016

Of the three states mentioned above, three different men lead the way in each respective state. Mike Huckabee leads the way in Iowa as of this moment (17% support of Republican caucus-goers), with Jeb Bush (16%) and Scott Walker (15%) trailing close behind. In New Hampshire, Bush leads the way with 18% support, while Walker (15%) and Rand Paul (14%) trail behind. Finally, in South Carolina, Sen. Lindsey Graham currently enjoys the support of 17% of those polled, while Bush (15%) and Walker (12%) lag behind.


The NBC News/Marist polls also make it crystal clear that Hillary Clinton is the CLEAR favorite to win the early Democratic nominations. Clinton's smallest margin of victory is in South Carolina where she currently enjoys a 45 point lead over Joe Biden. The landslide is even worse in New Hampshire and Iowa, where she currently enjoys 56 point leads over her closest "competition".

In head-to-head battles, Hillary Clinton is currently ahead of the leading Republican candidate in both Iowa and New Hampshire. South Carolina, however, is a different story, as Jeb Bush maintains a three point lead over Clinton in a hypothetical match-up, while Clinton and Scott Walker are currently tied.

Source: - 2016 Polls Show Clinton Leads in Key States, GOP Field Wide Open

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