Donald Trump Surges After Declaring That He Will Be Running For President

Donald Trump - Presidential Elections Poster - Year 2015It has certainly been an eventful couple of weeks for Donald Trump.

After declaring that he would be running for President in a controversial press conference (to put it mildly), billionaire Donald Trump has come under fire from a number of different companies and organizations, including NBC (which cut ties with Trump after a long partnership) and Ora TV. These companies were particularly incensed about Trump's comments about Mexican immigrants, as he stated that many of them were "bringing drugs and crime" across the border. Trump also advocated building a massive wall along the US/Mexico border.

If Trump was looking to make a splash, it worked.

According to two recent polls (Fox and CNN/ORC), Donald Trump has vaulted himself into second place in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Prior to announcing his candidacy for President, 4% of Foxnews respondents said that they supported Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. After hosting his press conference in which he announced his Presidential run, these numbers jumped.

According to Foxnews, the new numbers in the race for the Republican nomination now look like this:

Jeb Bush, 15%
Donald Trump, 11%
Ben Carson, 10%
Rand Paul, 9%
Scott Walker, 9%
Marco Rubio, 8%
Mike Huckabee, 6%

Despite his surging support, Donald Trump, according to the Foxnews poll, would fare the worst against Hillary Clinton in a Presidential contest. Just 34% of the respondents said that they would vote for Trump in a heads-up clash against Hillary Clinton, while other candidates, including Cruz, Walker and Rubio, fared much better.


According to the CNN/ORC poll, 12% of people who identify themselves as Republicans or Republican-leaning Independents said that they would support Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. This is up from 3% at the end of May.

Let's take a look at CNN's numbers:

Jeb Bush, 19%
Donald Trump, 12%
Mike Huckabee, 8%
Ben Carson, 7%
Rand Paul, 7%
Marco Rubio, 6%
Scott Walker, 6%


Whether you agree or disagree with Donald Trump's recent comments, one thing is for sure - he is making an impact in the Presidential race already.

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