24.9% of Republicans Say That They Would Support Donald Trump For President

Donald Trump on his visit to Facebook - Instagram photoThe juggernaut that is Donald Trump continues to surge ahead in the polls, according to recently released data from Reuters/Ipsos.

According to the poll data, 24.9% of Republican supporters say that they would support Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination. This means that, as of this moment, Donald Trump has a double digit lead over his next closest competitor, Jeb Bush, who currently the support of 12% of Republican voters.

Many people thought that the Donald Trump campaign was going to come off the rails after he made disparaging comments about Senator John McCain earlier this month. Trump's Republican rivals were quick to denounce Trump and his comments, but the runaway train that is Donald Trump continued to surge ahead. As a matter of fact, since those comments were made, Trump has seen his support jump.


All eyes will be on Donald Trump when Fox News hosts a Republican debate next week in Cleveland. National polls will be used to determine the 10 people who will be eligible for the debate, and Donald Trump will almost certainly be one of them. Detractors of Donald Trump have said that Trump's public statements have practically no substance and that he is offering rhetoric and no coherent vision, while Trump's supporters say that Trump is his own man and willing to speak his mind about a variety of different topics. Trump has incensed many over the past number of weeks thanks to his comments on illegal immigration and other topics.

The bullseye will be squarely on The Donald's back at the first debate, as his opponents will seek to show to the world that Trump has no plan as to how he will solve any of the problems that he is talking about.

One thing is for sure, the debate is going to be interesting with Donald Trump participating. The Republican and Democrat Presidential nomination debates tend to be very nasty, and this one should be no different. Expect there to be plenty of name calling and finger pointing.


Many people still feel as though the Donald Trump for President movement will crumble and fade, but it hasn't happened yet.

Source: Reuters.com - Trump Shows Staying Power With Surge Ahead of First Debate

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