Donald Trump Trails Hillary By Just 6 Points in Most Recent CNN/ORC Poll

Donald Trump official website photo - Victory signAbout one month ago, the general consensus was that Donald Trump was nothing more than a circus sideshow who would get absolutely obliterated by former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Times have changed, however, as Donald Trump continues to gain support. Trump's off-the-cuff and controversial comments have hit home with many Americans, as Trump has surged to the lead in the race for the Republican nomination.

Trump's gains have actually made him competitive in a hypothetical match-up against Hillary Clinton, a feat that would have seemed nearly impossible just 30 days ago.

According to the newest polling data from CNN/ORC, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by just six points in a hypothetical battle for the White House. 51% of those surveyed said that they would support the former Secretary of State, while 45% said that they would vote for Donald Trump.

One month ago, Donald Trump ever getting to the point of competitiveness against the Hillary Clinton machine seemed impossible. After all, Trump was 16 points behind Clinton just one month ago - the general consensus was that Trump, while entertaining and a breath of fresh air, was completely unelectable. The tide has been turning in recent weeks, however, as Trump was hit a nerve with many millions of Americans.

Clinton, for her part, has been hurt by the continued scandal over her emails and the surge of Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton, once seen as the 800 pound gorilla of the 2016 Presidential race, is suddenly looking vulnerable as she scrambles to regain positive momentum.


It will be interesting to see if people start to get "Trump fatigue", as he is absolutely dominating the headlines right now. One thing is for sure - you'd be unwise to bet against Trump right now.

Source: - Donald Trump Makes Dramatic Gains on Hillary in Latest Poll

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